Pinetar and treesap salve, 19g


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Pinetar and treesap salve, 19g (Terva-pihkasalva), for psoriasis, cracked skin and heels

Manufacturing has been used  tar and resin from Hameenkyro, Finland, organically farmed due from, beeswax and organic cold-pressed vegetable oils. (80.8% organic ingredients)

* Pine tar has been proven to be anti-bacterial effects. It has been successfully used in medical research to treat psoriasis and eczema.

* Derived from pine resin is also anti-bacterial, disinfecting and treating infections, which are widely used in folk medicine Finland infections, chapped skin and treat pimples. People used the saying: "What trouble, then treatment" applies to pitch the case for example in the fact that it is used for the treatment of sticks.

* It is also commonly used in skin care and treatment of dandruff.

* Cold pressured organic oils, sunflower, olive, and the wheat germ - are of high quality skin-caring ingredients. Oils are rich in minerals and vitamins, and nourishing to the skin.

* Beeswax has been known since ancient times as a valuable curative agent to the skin.

* Christmas tree flower extract provides a protective effect on the skin and helps pressure, stress and excessive self-criticism due to skin problems.

* Nettle flower extract strengthens the skin's health by strengthening the basic human capabilities.

* Yarrow flower extract protects the skin and the human psyche as well as the adverse effects of increases skin's resistance.

Use and impact:
- Streak to the affected skin or, if necessary on a daily basis a few times. The treatment effect can be enhanced by covering the area with a bandage.

- Disinfectant, treating and softening salvaa feature can be used for skin cracks, hardening, and nodes.

- The ointment is also an excellent insect stings

- Before with old people used the tar and pitch to disinfect the skin with a stick for example, to soften the skin cracks and calluses, treat infections, insect bites, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and atopic skin and banishing mosquitoes

Manufactured without any additives or preservatives.

The product is good to keep in a cool
side-effects: None identified